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Free Software for Video Editors

Video Cutter and Splitter is designed to split certain video files in to two parts so that they can be stored and saved separately. The tool can also be used to located and cut specific frames from a video so that they can be saved and shared on social media platforms or virtually anywhere else that users desire.

Becoming the Perfect Editor

One of the great things about Video Cutter and Splitter is that the software supports a large number of different formats, which helps to dramatically increase its scope and usefulness. People who want to work on their own videos will be able to use this tool to cut out parts of the video that they don’t like or simply take out inserts so that they can share them with other people to get their feedback. The tool is ideal for amateur video makers who are looking for a way to get into the highly competitive video making and editing industry as well as people who want to make their videos more family friendly.

Enjoy Your Video Your Way

People who are looking for a way to split video files are sure to find that Video Cutter and Splitter is a good option. It should be noted that Video Cutter and Splitter is only compatible with Widows and people who are using other types of operating systems will have to search for another solution.

Video Cutter and Splitter is a powerfull video editing program that can cut and save a region from any video file, Split the movie file into two parts at a certain scene and save them as two movies, save any frame from the movie as an image (many images formats supported).

The program supports (AVI, MPEG, WMV, ASF, QT, and MOV) as input formats , And (AVI, MPEG and WMV) for output formats. This program can also convert video files from one format.


  • Free to download and use
  • Not much storage space required


  • Only works with Windows 98 or earlier
  • Can be tricky to learn


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Video Cutter and Splitter


Video Cutter and Splitter for PC


User reviews about Video Cutter and Splitter

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    by Mario DaSilva

    I finally found a video editing tool that perfectly works with my Windows XP operating system. This is an ideal video editing tool for More

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    by Janine Burke

    When it comes to simply cutting and splitting video file, I prefer to use the Video Cutter and Splitter tool because this has a much moMore

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    by Amit Kummar

    I just love how this software makes the splitting and cutting of video files simple and effortless. This is a really worthy to downloadMore

  • Leila Almasi

    by Leila Almasi

    I am a faithful user of this Video Cutter and Splitter tool. Since I was a college student who is aspiring to be a filmmaker at that tiMore

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